AGS Rent A Car


Terms and Conditions

Agelos and Sofia Koutavas
Vathy Ithaca Greece (Near Town Hall)
Tel - +30 26740 32 702 ....Fax - +30 26740 33551
  • The Leaser is responsible for damage to the rental car up to a maximum of 300 euro for Category A - D and up 500 euro for Category E and F
  • Punctured or tyres in disrepair will be replace on all rental cars, free of charge.
  • Insurance does not cover damage under the vehicle.
  • Insurance coverage is valid only on the island of Ithaca.
  • Any or all traffic fines are payable and the responsibility of the Leaser.
  • Bookings are made according to Category and not by vehicle type.
  • Fuel charges are payable by the Leaser. Please note - Unleaded petrol only.
  • Loss of or damage to the vehicle key are not covered under the insurance.
Insurance is not valid and the Leaser is responsible for damages in the following cases -
  • The driver is under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • The vehicle is driven on unpaved roads.
  • The driver participates in extemporary car races or drives recklessly.
  • The driver exceeds the speed limit.
  • The driver uses other fuel than the type recommended by the manufacturer.
  • The vehicle is driven by unauthorized persons.
  • The vehicle is not returned on the date or time agreed upon in the rental contract.
Drivers Licence-

Drivers must hold a current Drivers Licence which is valid in Greece. If the Drivers Licence is not issued by a member country in the EU, an International Drivers Licence is required.

  • Minimum Age - 23 yrs old
  • Baby seats - One size only. Suitable for ages 10 months to 3 yrs. Charge of 3 euros per day.